Anti Counterfeiting Action Group, Inc. (ACAG) - Services

One of a company’s most important assets is the value created and existing in its intellectual property (IP), in particular its patents and trade marks.  The trade marks provide brand recognition to customers and potential purchasers of the brand’s goods, which enables them  to seek out a specific  brand’s product in the knowledge that quality, safety and manufacturing standards have been maintained.  It also allows the customer  to buy into the story and culture that is associated with a brand.   It is essential to protect this valuable business asset in order to prevent brand dilution and damage to the brand which would reduce the underlying asset value. 

Such protection can be achieved through a  Brand Protection Program.

That program should include the following:

  • Nominated Intellectual Property (IP) Portfolio Officer
  • IP Attorneys to register trade marks, copyright, designs and patents
  • Risk Management specialists for extortion, product contamination etc.
  • Public Relations expert for publicity handling and damage control
  • IP Investigators to monitor the marketplace and investigate breaches
  • Conduct brand inspections
  •  Online monitoring of IP infringements

ACAG provides marketplace monitoring programs for ACAG members across Australia and New Zealand.

The program includes:

  • Market and Discount Store monitoring
  • Minor investigations
  • Liaison with police, raids and investigations

  • Service of On the Spot warnings to infringers

  • Cease & Desist letters

  • Handling of surrendered goods

  • Preparation and distribution of monthly reporting of activities and results

Please note: Membership is limited to brand owners. Service providers are not eligible to join. 

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us for further information.